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Jamia’s Academic Journal in Urdu

Ma’arif-e-Qasim Jadid is a monthly Islamic academic journal. It is published for Jamia’s New Delhi office. In addition to its academic character, the journal service as the Jamia’s organ. It is intended to further the Jamia’s objective of excellence in research in the vast areas of Islamic scholarship. The journal places thrust on the complicated issues having a direct or indirect bearing on the Muslims in the Indian and international context. For the same purpose, a number of the special issues of the journal has also been published and won credence from the academic circles and the general readership.

The wide range of the subjects the Journal deals with

  • Education
  • Inter-faith relations and peace initiative
  • Muslim Economy
  • Muslim Perspective
  • The Muslim World
  • Social Problems
  • Discussion of the Western standpoints towards Muslim Ummah.

Special Issues of the Ma’arif-e-Qasim Journal
  1. Seeratun Nabi (P. 312)
  2. Special Issue on Qadhi Mujahidul Islam Qasim (P.168)
  3. Special Issue on Muslim Personal Law
  4. Special Issue on Payame Insaniyat (P.160)
  5. Speical Issue on Ramadhan Sharif (P.170)
  6. Specila Issue on the Holy Qur’an (P.308)
All the special issues have won credence of, and appreciation from, the academic circles both in the country and outside.