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Underconstruction Projects

Jame Al-Imam Muhammad Qasim Al-Nanotawi (Mosque)
In the Jamia campus, a formidable mosque spread over 16000 sq. ft. attributed to Hujjatul Islam Al-Imam Muhammad Qasim Al-Nanotawi (R.A.), the founder of Darul Uloom Deoband, is under construction. The mosque has a capacity for congregation of 3,000 prayer-observers at a time. Terrace of the Mosque is yet to be constructed. Completion of the mosque will cost a lump sum of Rupees 38,40,000.00 Ma'had Ashraf for Memorizing Al-Qur'an Al-Kareem
As a confession of scientific contributions of Hakimul Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (R.A.), the above mentioned institute is attributed to him. Its class rooms are under construction, which will cost nearly Rupees 10 lac. Shaikh Zakariyya Charitable Hospital
In remembrance of Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Kandhlawi, construction of a 100-bed hospital has been planned. Advance money for purchase of 2.50 acres land for this hospital has been paid. The proposed plan of the hospital will cost nearly rupees one crore. A subordinate mobile health-care service will also operate under Zakariyya Charitable Hospital which will take care of people in remote areas of the region. It requires a lump sum of Rs. 4,06,00,000. Markaz Al-Imam Abil Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi Al-Islami (R.A.)
In the remembrance of Islamic thinker Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Al-Nadwi, construction of a well furnished huge size house in the compound of the Jamia as a reading room-cum-study centre for routine classes is on our agenda. It will also be used for other educational activities. Its construction work will cost approximately Rs. 2,65,00,000.00. The foundation stone for this house was laid by Shaikhul Adab Hazrat Maulana Saeedur Rahman Azami Nadwi, principal, Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Lucknow.

Markaz Al-Tauheedi Al-Islami lid-Da'wah wal Irshad (Tawhidi Islamic Dawah Center)
Tawhidi Islamic Da'wah Center is an important department of the Jamiatul Qasim. The department has been discharging it duty of spreading Da'wat and Tableegh among non-Muslims with excellent wisdom and prudence through reformation activities and guidance counseling. All activities of this center are being run under direct supervision of the administrator of the Jamia, Mufti Mahfoozut Rahman Usmani. Purposes of this center are as vast and comprehensive as is its construction for which required land has been arranged.
It has been estimated that construction of Markaz At-Tawhidi will cost around Indian rupees One Crore 20 lac (Rs. 1,20,00,000.00).