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Introduction to Jamiatul Qasim Darul Uloom-al-Islamiyah Madhubani, Distt. Supaul, Bihar

Imam Qasim Islamic Educational Welfare Trust A Movement A Call A Caravan An Endeavour

Run by Imam Qasim Islamic Educational Welfare Trust, India, the Jamiatul Qasim Darul Uloom al-Isamia was established in Shaban 16/1409 of the Islamic calendar, corresponding to March 25/1989.

The Jamiatul Qasim, Madhubani, Supaul (to which this brief introduction is meant) is a modest contribution to the movement aiming at equipping new Muslim generations with higher Islamic education. Although it is just two decades since it was commenced, its performance has been encouraging.

Gratitude to Allah, now the Jamiatul Qasim stands for a noted academic institution where comprehensive courses in the source areas of the Islamic learning are offered to Muslim boys. By the grace of Allah Ta’ala, and thanks to the institution’s performance, its credit in the midst of countless Madrasas in the country stands high and so many Ulama have expressed their satisfactory impressions over the educational performance of it. A comprehensive list of such Ulama exists in this, Introduction along with the credentials they kindly gave after seeing the Jamia by their own eyes.

By laying the foundation stone of this religious institution in fact a great movement for the educational development of the area and around was launched.

Although the work was commenced in a state of almost utter resourcelessness, yet, thanks to the unseen Divine support, the institution began to march ahead unhindered, making progress visible at all spheres – education and construction of new building structures, and the academic performance of its beneficiary students has been unbelievably good. Praise to Allah Ta’ala, today this Islamic institution stands for a noted religious seminary of Bihar and its religious, educational, academic, social and welfare services have won it an unmatched status.

Aims and Objectives of Islamic College

  • Spreading the right call of the religion of Islam based purely on the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah as understood by the Prophet’s Companions and their pious successors.
  • To reform and reconstruct the socially and religiously rotten Muslim society along the lines of the true teachings of Islam.
  • To raise a wave of religious learning in Muslims and prepare them for religious services in such a way as to meet the challenges of the changing standards of the modern age.
  • Preparation of competent and virtuous men of Islamic learning in the perspective of the modern times.
  • To revive and rediscover the scholarship of the pious precursors, making sustained endeavor to keep the Muslims associated and enlightened with it.
  • Awakening the Muslims towards the growing importance of the useful modern secular learning and taking the required initiatives for the purpose.
  • Taking every possible step for the good and welfare of all the country-fellows, cutting across all barriers of caste, religion and social affiliations.
  • Preparation of useful, constructive literature on Islam, its teachings and the areas of Islamic learning and their translation into national and international languages.
  • Adorning the Muslim women with the essentials of the religious knowledge and endeavoring to create an Islamic awakening in them.