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Modes of Extending Support to the Jamia

You may choose any one or more modes of extending your material support to the Jamia at your convenicence and entitle your self to great reward from Allah ta’ala, for furthering the cause of the Jamia on the fronts of education and social services.

1. One day’s meal (for 710 Students) 21,300.00
2. One month’s meal (for 710 Students) 6,39,000.00
3. One year’s meal (for 710 Students) 57,51,000.00
4. Cost of Preparing One Hafiz (in 4 Years) 32,000.00
5. Cost of Preparing One ‘Alim (in 8 Years) 64,000.00
6. Expenses of a single Girl’s Marriage 35,000.00
7. One Widow’s Expenses (for 1 year) 18,000.00
8. One Hand Pump with Submersible m/c 35,000.00
9. Immolation of a Cow/Buffalo 8,000.00
10. Construction of a house for a destitute 60,000.00
11. Construction of Toilet 25,000.00
12. Markaz-e-Al-Imam Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi Al-Islami 1,60,000.00
13. Expenditure on one marbled Mussallah Flooring of Jami’ Qasim Mosque 7,500.00
14. Study Material for each class 70,000
15. Construction of a Single Classroom for Hifz 1,50,000.00
16. Uniform Expenses of a Student 8,000.00
17. Monthly Salary (1 Teacher) 5,000.00
18. Yearly Salary (1 Teacher) 60,000.00
19. Monthly Salary (1 Teacher for Maktab) 3,500.00
20. Yearly Salary (1 Teacher for Maktab) 42,000.00
Aspects of the Activities the Jamiatul Qasim Turst is Undertaking in the Present tense

  • Management of the Jamiatul Qasim and the sister institutions where an approximate number of 4100 students, mostly resourceless and orphan boys and girls, are acquiring fundamental and higher religious knowledge at various levels. Out of the said number around 750 students are those whose total expenditure from lodging and fooding to clothing and medical treatment, is born by the Jamia itself.

  • In different districts of the region there exists a network of 25 branches of the Jamiatul Qasim where local children are being equipped with the primary level religious learning and the total expenses involved are met by the Jamiatul Qasim.

  • In the plains of the Himalaya various Muslim habitations are infected with the apostacy of Qadyanism. To counter the evil effects of it the Jamiatul Qasim, besides educating the children and equipping them with the religious learning, has set up 15 centres for training in sewing and embroidery works. These centers offer to Muslim girls a professional training in sewing and embroidery works.

  • Two dozens of Muslim girls and resourceless women were provided with sewing and embroidery machines, thereby enabling them to look after their families.

  • 3600 patients were provided medical treatment under different medical centres.

  • Financial support was provided to 950 widows, people with disabilities and orphans. In the month of the Ramdhan of almost one thousand houses.

  • Besides over 200 widows are given monthly stipends.

  • 250 students studying in religious seminaries and the institutions of modern education were given financial support. Also, there are 125 students who are given monthly scholarships.

  • On the blessed occasion of the Idul-Azha arrangements were made to take the meat of the sacrificed animals to almost 15000 poor and deserving people.