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Features of the Islamic School

Following are the salient features of the educational program the Jamia offers to its students and beneficiaries:

  • In addition to the education and academic activities, special care is given to the students’ upbringing and their moral orientation.
  • In the course of teaching of the Holy Qu’ran the learners are taught, from the very beginning, the rules of the Qur’anic phonetics (terminologically called tajweed), and great care is given to the correct pronunciation of the Qur’anic words.
  • Side by side the religious education and learning, the students of the Jamia are enlightened with the demands of the age we are living in, thereby to enable them keep abreast of the fast – changing world and offer their services to the cause of Islam in the best possible way.
  • In order to develop the literary potentials of the learners and to cultivate a good taste for the general and artistic use of the language, the Anjuman Anadil-e-Arabiyah has been established, which has acatively been working for years.
Madarsa Library and Department of Publication

The Library is an essential wing of an institution launched for academic purposes and the service of learning. In the case of the religious seats of higher Islamic learning it assumes an importance greater still. Indeed the library constitutes the backbone of Islamic religious seminaries. With a comprehensive, precious collection of thousands of books on religious studies in the Arabic, Persian, English, Urdu and Hindi languages on various Islamic subjects such as Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Usool Fiqh, Seerat, Fatawa, Aqaid, Kalam, History, biographies, morality, Islamic mysticism etc, the library holds an unmatched status especially in northern Bihar. The collection is augmenting every year. Further, to enhance the knowledge and current information of the beneficiaries of this library, the library possesses a well-managed section of periodicals and journals, which receives a large number of important research journals and periodicals from within the country and outside, and religious subjects. Alhamdulillah, this department, within the short span of its life, has published a number of important books on various areas of the Islamic Learning. These books have won a full credence from the Islamic scholars both of India and outside. Following are the important books published by the Jamia’s Department of Publications:

Jamiatul Qasim at a Glance
Trust Registration Number 22,473
Departments of the Jamia 23
Total Number of Students 4,100
Boarders Students 750
Students at other Branches 3,200
Branches of Jamiatul Qasim 25
Teachers and Staffers 66
Books in Library 28,500
Journal of Jamia Ma’arif-e-Qasim Jadeed (Urdu Monthly)
Jamia’s A/c No. 1786910219 (State Bank of India, Pratap Ganj Branch)