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Relief Distribution Among Fire Victims in Bananiya Village, Supaul District by Jamiatul Qasim Darul Uloom-il-Islamia Yesterday, a devastating fire broke out in the village of Bananiya in the Supaul district of Sarai Ghadh, resulting in significant destruction, with nearly a hundred houses burned down. The affected people lost everything. Upon receiving the information, Jamiatul Qasim Darul Uloom-il-Islamia, managed by the Imam Quasim Islamic Educational Welfare Trust India, immediately provided essential food and drinking items to 110 affected individuals, as well as iftar to fasting individuals. The victims expressed their gratitude to the supporters. Mufti Mohammad Ansar Qasmi, Mufti Aqeel Anwar Mazahiri, and others were present on the occasion. They assured that, InshaAllah, further arrangements will be made. We request your support for our campaign during this blessed month of Ramadan to assist the distressed people. May Allah reward all the supporters generously and protect us all from calamities and afflictions! Ameen.